I am very excited to announce that Claire Tastes is now partnering with an expert in healthy eating! Melissa Moser, R.D. is a long time friend and recent graduate of Cornell University, where she studied nutrition. The hope of this new partnership is that Melissa can provide readers of Claire Tastes with more specifics about the nutrition content of my recipes, for those of you who have particular dietary needs or simply want to know more about what goes into the food you’re creating! In addition, make sure to keep an eye out for featured posts with some of her own recipes and thoughts on nutrition and clean eating! To find out more about nutrition or get more news or tips for healthy eating, you can follow Melissa on Twitter: @MMoserRD.


Melissa Moser, R.D.

Hi, my name is Melissa Moser, and even if we haven’t met yet, I know we already have one thing in common: a love of good food. I became a Registered Dietitian because I’m fascinated by the ways that food can be used to nourish our bodies, optimize health, and simultaneously bring friends and family together around a table. Claire’s recipes feature nutritious foods in flavorful combinations, which is what made me want to join and support her efforts to bring you recipes that are pleasing to both your palate and your body!

I studied nutrition at Cornell University, and am now working at Johns Hopkins as a Research Dietitian. In this role as a researcher, I keep an open mind about different dietary patterns, understanding there is always more to learn about nutrition. Although I’m always eager to read and conduct new nutrition research, I will always be grounded by a few common-sense principles for balanced eating. Like you’ll see in many of Claire’s recipes I believe in eating a diet rich in minimally processed foods – primarily plants – in a form that’s as close to nature as possible.

I’m joining Claire in her culinary endeavors to bring you information about the nutritional content of her recipes, share some tips/ideas/thoughts about healthy eating, and answer your nutrition-related questions. Don’t be shy if there are nutritional topics you’d like me to cover or questions I can answer! Happy and healthy cooking to you, and I’m so glad to be joining the Claire Tastes community!

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