Things I Like

On this page you’ll find links to blogs, recipes, affiliations, and just general things I like! Check back frequently, as “Claire’s tastes” have been known to change!

AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker by AEROBIE– as described in my popular post last fall, this “high performance sports toy” truly makes the best cup of coffee that I have ever had. I save my AeroPress for Saturday mornings when I have a bit more time and can really savor a perfectly-brewed cup of joe. Created by a Stanford engineer who invented the “Aerobie Pro Flying Ring” (a cousin to the Frisbee which broke a world record for flying distance), the AeroPress uses air pressure brewing to slowly filter the water through the grounds, resulting in a lower-acidity brew that is not bitter in the least! You can purchase the press on Amazon here.



Rubbermaid Lunch Blox– As seen on my post about prepping lunches in advance, I absolutely LOVE these little boogers. They fit together perfectly like Legos and have all these little compartments that are just right for sandwiches, sides, and snacks (for the Sandwich Blox) or salad, sides, and dressing container (for the Salad Blox). They also come equipped with a perfect little blue ice pack to put on the bottom in order to keep it cold all morning long! Prep work doesn’t have to be boring anymore. And who says your lunch can’t be super cute at the same time?


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