“Spring Clean Your Fridge” Challenge Day #4: A Mid-Week Break!

Don’t worry, I didn’t forget about the challenge for this week. AND I DIDN’T CHEAT. For those of you anxiously waiting by your computers to get an update from me about what tasty interesting new morsel I created tonight out of the (slowly dwindling) remnants of our pantry, do not fret. My grandparents, who came down to NC to visit for my cousin’s graduation at High Point this weekend, were kind enough to stop in Durham on the way to the coast to pay us a visit (and to pay for a delicious supper out!), so tonight Ben and I had the privilege of getting to spend some good, old fashioned quality time with them.

We went to Brixx Wood Fired Pizza in Brier Creek, just like we did last year. We Gorhams and Obers are creatures of habit. All of us enjoyed the Mediterranean Salad (with spinach, not romaine- good life decisions, people) with a decent sized fillet grilled salmon fillet on top. Ok, all except Ben, who never strays from getting his meat-lover’s pizza there. Oh, my husband. Love him.

Anyway, our dinner out at Brixx tonight meant that I was off the hook! I have to admit, I welcomed the opportunity to not have to be creative. Sometimes it’s nice to just know what you want and have it brought to you. 🙂

But the real pleasure in tonight was getting to enjoy the company of my sweet husband and sweet grandparents. We chatted for a good two hours about nutrition, calcium supplements, physical therapy, The Lone Ranger Movie (don’t ask), funerals, weddings, weather, Mountain Lions (again, don’t ask), and traveling. I treasure these visits so much! Thankful for another great memory.

Night, ya’ll! Back tomorrow!

gma and gpa visit 2014

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