Summer Creme Tart “Pizza”

My mom taught me this recipe. It’s especially tasty in the summertime, since it’s a bit lighter dessert. The cream cheese and fruit topping is delectable! It’s a fun, kid-friendly dessert to make, and super easy! Use flavored cream cheese spread if you want, and arrange fruit in a pattern on top (red, white, and blue themed for July 4th, even!) or plop it on randomly like I did here!


1 large roll of sugar cookie dough (like Pillsbury)

Cream cheese spread

Fruit of your choice! (I used strawberries, kiwi and banana)

Unroll cookie dough and press down evenly into the bottom of a greased cookie sheet or brownie pan. I used a regular 9×9 pan, but you can experiment with a larger pan/sheet if you like a thinner “pizza crust.” 

Bake cookie dough according to package instructions- about 15 minutes or until golden brown on top. Let cool completely. Spread cream cheese evenly over the top of the cookie and top with sliced fruit! 

Cut into pizza-shaped slices or bars, or just eat right out of the pan!

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