[Slightly Immoral] Brownies

Anyone who knows the real name of these incredible brownies would agree that they were very accurately named. These things are so good that they’re almost provocative. While I wish I could take credit for them, it seems like The Londoner gets the credit for the original back in 2011 (and I really had to search for that info- that’s how popular this recipe is!).

You really can’t go wrong with a layer of chocolate chip cookie, followed by oreos and brownies. These come out of the oven so thick that you could slice them into 1″ cubes, stick toothpicks in them and be completely satisfied by just that one bite. But really. Why would you do that? I bet you can’t eat just one.

Ya’ll, I have NEVER gone wrong with bringing these to a picnic. They get snatched up so quickly, and maybe even more quickly than my pepperoni rolls or pinwheels! They are so simple that I always feel slightly hurt by the fact that people rave about them way more than the other side dish I bring that took me all morning to make. But I suppose there’s a lesson to be learned in that- the little things in life are sometimes the most enjoyed!

[Slightly Immoral] Brownies
[Slightly Immoral] Brownies
This week I discovered Mega-stuf oreos. I didn’t think regular oreos could get any better, and I’ve been known to even turn my nose up at all the new varieties that have been emerging (red velvet, s’more, birthday cake?) In my mind, there’s just no need to try to increase the greatness of something that’s already great.

In the words of The Londoner herself, “This recipe is too glorious to use substandard Oreos.”


But then, mega-stuf oreos. Mind = blown. Okay, I’ll give them a try.

I was not disappointed.

DSC03022^Oh hey, extensor pollicis longus… 😛

[Slightly Immoral] Brownies
Recipe Type: Dessert
Cuisine: American, BBQ, Picnic
Author: Claire McCormick of “Claire Tastes”
Prep time:
Cook time:
Total time:
Serves: 24
Think brownies, but ramped up x95387 times. This decadent dessert can’t decide if it’s a chocolate chip cookie, oreo cake, or fudge brownie. But why choose when you can have ALL THREE in one decadent dessert? One bite of these is sure to satisfy the sweetest of sweet tooths (teeth?). You can cut them up into tiny 1″ cubes and stick ’em with a toothpick if that makes you feel better… but I promise you won’t be able to just eat one 🙂
  • 1 package Betty Crocker Supreme Hershey’s Brownie Mix (pictured below) and required ingredients
  • 1 package chocolate chip cookie dough mix and required ingredients
  • 1 package Mega Stuf Oreos (double stuf works too, but Mega Stuf… how can you not?)
  • Cooking spray
  1. Prepare cookie dough according to package directions and layer on bottom of lightly oiled brownie pan.
  2. Layer oreos directly on top of cookie dough, pressing gently into the dough.
  3. Prepare brownie mix (I usually just use the same bowl as I did for the cookie dough) and spread evenly on top of oreos.
  4. Bake at 350 deg for 40 minutes or until cooked through (they will be very fudgy when you take them out- resist the urge to bake for longer lest they burn!). Brownies will firm up when cooled.
  5. Slice into triangles and serve. One bite goes a long way!
Layer oreos on top of cookie dough. Slash, that stuffing is NOT joking around.
Layer oreos on top of cookie dough.
I always choose this brownie mix with the squeeze-in Hershey's fudge pouch!
I always choose this brownie mix with the squeeze-in Hershey’s fudge pouch!
Pour on top of oreos.
Pour on top of oreos.
Spread evenly in pan and bake 35-40 mins or until toothpick comes out cleanly (batter will be fudgy when hot- don't overbake!)
Spread evenly in pan.
Bake and cool for at least 15 mins, then slice into triangles or bite-sized wedges.
Bake and cool for at least 15 mins, then slice into triangles or bite-sized wedges.

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